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Everything you want out of a fitness experience under one roof

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Train Boutique Fitness offers you a unique holistic fitness experience. Our base membership allows you access to the gym and all the facilities.

You can choose from a variety of group based classes, utilising the best equipment on the market, as well as utilising cutting edge digital technologies to ensure you are constantly pushed based on your fitness level, not someone else’s.

Added to this, we have equipped the gym with the best music playlists, and world classes sound systems. Each area of the gym has it’s own ┬átheme.

In addition to the classes, you also have the full use of the open gym. No longer do you need multiple contracts at various fitness establishments. You can get everything you want under one roof.

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Group Classes

Crossfit 152

Arguably the best Crossfit setup in South Africa. No expense has been spared kitting this box out, featuring Assault Airrunners, Assault Treadmills, specialised flooring designed for dropping weights are just some of the features of Crossfit 152, to top it all off the music playlist during your WODS are just pure class.

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The Beat Room

The Beat Room is a unique training concept that can only be found @ Train Boutique Fitness. Beat involves specialised exercise programming, specialised lighting, wordclass sound, state of the art wearable technologies, specialised gym equipment, and to top it all off an amazing music playlist. Combine all of these elements into a room, and you have what we call ``The Beat Room``.